– the Desolation – it’s not about this ancient city, today we see rapid development. Two years later, Kuibyshev Kainsk will celebrate its 300th anniversary. Much has already been done – in fact, we can say that preparations for the anniversary started. At the Federal level, there is a practice for the anniversary of any city or region issued a presidential Decree or a Government decree, which approved the program of preparation for the celebration of the anniversary. There is a proposal to prepare and approve the programme of tercentenary celebrations of Kuibyshev. Much done, more in the pipeline, and to ensure that nothing is missed and to have a comprehensive approach, I propose to adopt the programme of the upcoming anniversary. We need to help those who are doing something. In the background, gathered a team that does, so we will help in every way, – said Andrey Travnikov.

Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the region Andrey Shimkiv has confirmed that in the framework of implementation of orders of voters in the program of preparation for celebrating of the anniversary will be included, what you have Kuibyshevsky to the tercentenary of the city.

Senator Vladimir Laptev on behalf of all Kuibysheva expressed gratitude to Governor Andrew Travnikova and President of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Shimkiv for understanding the expectations of the residents of the area and attentive to their requests. “We have done a lot to today did not have to blush,” – said Vladimir Laptev.


Kuybyshev until 1935 Kainsk was called. Was founded in 1722 on the left Bank of the river Kainchi, which flows into the om, as Kainskaya military fortification. In XVIII-XIX centuries played an important role in the trade in Siberia. After the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway has lost this role. Now is the administrative center of the Kuibyshev district of Novosibirsk region.