the Voting started on June 25 and will run until 30 June until the day of nationwide voting, which is scheduled for July 1.

according to the regional electoral Commission, in the premises of the PEC voted 241,6 thousand voters, “at home” – 78 thousand people. Active citizens vote to exit the polling stations, organized in factories, houses adjoining areas, in remote localities – in this way voted almost 46 thousand people.

the Chairman of the Election Commission of the Novosibirsk region Olga Blago thinks this is convenient since each voter has the opportunity to choose any convenient time and way to vote.

in addition, this voting – over several days – allows you to exclude one-time finding of July 1, at the polling stations large numbers of citizens and the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

As noted in a press-service of the regional government, the vote was held in compliance with sanitary-epidemiological norms and guidelines.

part in the vote before election day adopt the famous residents of the Novosibirsk region – they vote “for” the proposed amendment.

Amendment to the Constitution has been brewing for a very long time, especially in such critical areas as Federal territory, as the Institute for protection of family and marriage, animal protection, guaranteed indexation of pensions, the minimum Wage, – said the soloist of Novatus Karen Movsesyan.

For me as for the doctor, probably, the most important of those amendments, which refer to the benefits package. A lot of them. And above all, changes in the guarantee of receiving the benefits our citizens and pensioners. Many changes in healthcare. The second major point is that I have two hands to vote for items on the sovereignty of our country, about the indivisibility of territory, – said the chief doctor of the Novosibirsk regional hospital Anatoly Yudanov. – This year we celebrate 75 years of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. And the fact that in the Constitution there was a phrase that the Russian Federation honors the memory of its defenders, is very important.

help “RG”

the PEC Novosibirsk region tested for coronavirus. At polling stations there are means of individual protection (masks, gloves, antiseptics). In addition, at the entrance to the polling place organized temperature control. On the floor lines marking for compliance with the race participants vote. In General, the procedure is arranged so that the citizens will not give the passport into the hands of the commissioners.

“Hot-line” resource centre Election Commission of the Novosibirsk region: 8-800-707-62-90.