Nikita Yefremov and Julia Snigir

Today, the network appeared the new trailer for the series by Konstantin Bogomolov, “a Good man”, filmed for video service Start. Premiere detective, based on the case of the Angarsk maniac Mikhail Popkov, will be held on August 20.

the Main roles in the project went to Yulia Snigir (she played a young investigator from Moscow Eugene Klyuchevskaya, which was sent to the quiet town of Voznesensk, to verify the information on the appearance of a serial killer) and Nikita Efremov (he plays the local investigator Ivan Krutikhin, who became a partner of Eugenia).

Julia Snigir and Nikita Efremov Yuliya Snigir Nikita Efremov

the series also employed Andrey burkovsky, Alexander Child, Mary Fomin, Igor Gordin, Polina Kutepova and other famous actors. A small role in the series went and the wife of Konstantin Bogomolov Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak

it is Known that the series will be released on Thursdays, there will be nine. A film crew Bogomolov came, and those professionals who have already worked with the Director on another sensational project — series “Kept woman”. Thus, the operator was Alexander Simonov (he, incidentally, worked on the film “Cargo 200”), and the artistic Director — Larisa Lomakina.

a still from the TV series

Recall that in the course of investigation it was established that Popkov had killed 78 people between 1992 and 2010. He confessed to the murder of 81. Popkov was sentenced to two life prison terms and is known as one of the most brutal serial killers and rapists in the history of modern Russia.

Julia Snigir and Nikita Efremov on the set Konstantin Bogomolov, Yuliya Snigir and Alexandra rebenok