autoserial Premiere of the new novel by Sergei Lukyanenko “Seeker of visions” took place in the Network. Now everyone can begin to listen to him. “Yandex.Music” and “Red square” started this project. Only the first season is 12 episodes, the first is already available on the service. The novel “Seeker of visions” was conceived almost 10 years ago, but the premiere will take place only now, as we can see, or rather hear – in a rather unusual format.

“For me this project is particularly interesting because it is probably the world’s first case when the book starts in audiofilm. Our days blur distinctions between paper and electronic books, audio and visual format. And I am sure that all of these forms are not competitors to each other, and the complementary representation of the same idea. Let’s try in reality to look into that wonderful world where we are every night… though not always remember it. Of course, if you’re not a dreamer!”, – said Sergey Lukyanenko.

the hero of the book named Grieg travels to the land of Dreams. Everyone dreams, but only some can travel to a country consciously. And quite a few can influence the world of dreams. Such people are called Snotvornoe. All subject to these great masters of dreams. But they have contradictions, and sometimes hostility. The main character finds himself in a conflict of two Snotice. He is forced to accept their offer and go in search of a great Artifact. Grieg waiting for exciting adventures with trolls, magical artifacts, mysterious books and the struggle of light and dark forces.

“they Say that 90% percent of the information a person receives through sight. It may be so. But the modern audiophile – do not dare to simply call them audio books – can be just as real as the movies. May be because they include the imagination of the listener? And when it comes to such amazing and delicate matter as the dreams, the imagination is very necessary,” said Sergei Lukyanenko.

In the dubbing of the series was attended by a whole galaxy of star actors. Starring: Dmitry Kharatyan, Igor Petrenko, Sergey Shakurov, Love Tolkalina, Irina Pegova, Fedor Dobronravov, S. Doinikov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Oleg Taktarov, Boris Shcherbakov, Alexey Kortnev and Pelagia

the Series will also be published once a week on the site mosqueteros.of the Russian Federation, the duration of each of them from 20 to 35 minutes.