Capital artist Mike Bridge, along with Teens from project schools "Cascade" painted one of the walls of the Museum of Moscow to attract attention to the problems of the deaf and hard of hearing people. The facade of the Museum there was the graffiti "deaf" where "Nemo" crossed out in such a way that there remains only the word "deaf".

According to the authors of the work, the deaf adolescents Ivan Dneprova and Daniel Chetverikova, thus visually expressed a ban on the use of the word "deaf" in relation to the deaf community.

The word is often used by hearing people, but for representatives of the deaf community it is considered offensive. This is due to the fact that the deaf are not dumb, they have a voice and its language, Russian sign language, which since 2012 is recognized on the legislative level. Placing graffiti in the center of Moscow, Ivan and Dan define this area as one where possible on an equal footing on the important.

According to the curators of a group of deaf teens Vlad Kolesnikov and Maria Sarychevoy, fighting against the word "deaf" being deaf and hard of hearing people for years.

August 9 will be held Vernissage of the exhibition "CASCADE 2020 ≈ always except when there is no" in the Museum of Moscow. This project is entirely made and assembled teenagers, graduates of the free schools project-based learning "Cascade". The festival includes 85 works: total installations, video art, performances, drawings, paintings, sculpture, cartoons and audio recordings. The exhibition will be held in the "Red room" of the Moscow Museum until 13 September.

This is the second festival of design school for teenagers, the purpose of which is to involve them in the cultural life of the city. For visitors under the age of 21 entrance to the exhibition is free.