the Central plot of the film was the story of a little of Murmansk suffering from a rare genetic disease, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA of the first type). This diagnosis he was placed in an eight-month age. As a rule, suffering from this disease, the children do not live up to three years. To give the child a chance to recover, he needed to get a shot of the most expensive drugs in the world drug “Solvency”, which costs $ 2.4 million (200 million rubles). Fundraising the parents of Misha began in late January, and a pandemic almost deprived them of hopes to collect this huge amount. But on 23 may a miracle happened: one of the funds targeted assistance, the name of which the parents keep, listed the amount required for closing fees. In July, the baby received life-saving injection.

the Director of “Quarantine” became Executive Director of the International festival “the Northern character” Yuri Yerofeyev, a writer – journalist Daria Monastyreva, and operator – Sergey Pashkov. “Video footage” of the pandemic in Murmansk oblast, they started filming in March.

– I remember shooting in the Studio, where he made a protective mask that people with hearing impairment, – said Yuri Erofeev. One of the women who worked there told us that if not for the pandemic, they wouldn’t have a job. Then I had a clear Association: “Everything for front, everything for victory”. Remember remote lesson tenth graders who read a poem by Blok “Night, street, lamp, drugstore”. Remembered artists of the Murmansk regional Philharmonic society, acting in front of an empty room in an online format. Details in conventional surroundings did not pay attention, acquired a special meaning, began to look different. Really wish the movie had a “happy ending”. But now we are inclined to think that the ending should be open, because this whole thing with coronavirus is far from complete. This is one step of some very big changes.

While “Quarantine” is present only in the form of videos that fail installation. The film project will be presented at the Arkhangel pitching of debutants, which is scheduled for August 10 and will be held in online format (pitching – presentation of projects to the expert community, which includes well-known Russian filmmakers and producers). Arkhangelsk was one of the sites Russian pitching of debutants, which is held to support young filmmakers from Moscow and regions of Russia. The winning project will receive a grant to Finance the project in the amount of 500 000 rubles. The Chairman of the jury of the Arkhangelsk pitching – famous Russian film Director Vladimir Grammatikov.

Archangel pitching debutants received more than 90 applications feature, shortcameraimage and documentary films. In the short-list of 13 selected projects. In addition to Murmansk, their projects will protect the filmmakers from Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk and Dmitrov.