In the Multimedia Art Museum opened two exhibitions of riotous

the 1970s. Time free manners in new York, a time when people did not know what HIV was, and when the drugs were part of the regular nightlife… Then on 54th street at the intersection of Manhattan and Broadway opened the club — face control was how hard that sometimes were not allowed there, even celebrities. As you know, scarcity creates demand. That not only did the party-goers to get inside offered bribes, stripped naked, tried to crawl through the ventilation shafts… For what? To dance on the dance floor, and the ceiling crumbles white powder, engage in promiscuous sex and drinking yourself to unconsciousness. Today new York, like the rest of the world has become stricter and more modest. So to see and appreciate loose morals of the 1970s, only in the photo.

the Influential American photographer Todd Papajam first appeared in places of worship in celebration of the New year on the night of 31 December 1977 1 January 1978. Later, he’s been here a few times. At the images presented in the Multimedia Art Museum, got the Chronicles up to 1980. On them — the thrash frenzy and Orgy. Elitist lawlessness. Naked, dancing, Smoking, spitting and sleeping people — the cream of society of the time without masks and complexes. Today all this is history, which is interesting to us as a phenomenon of the time. Without an understanding of the degree of freedom of the time is obviously impossible to fully understand art, music, culture in General of that era. But in “Studio 54” lit, Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson, Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov… to Todd Papacino, inspired by the work of Brossa were able to show the night life of the legendary club as it is. His shooting there is no shadow of arm or posturing. Any imperfections are perfections in front of us.

compared to the new York elite of the 1970s it seems that the current generation of Russian youth to drink perfectly (and imperfectly) do not know how. And, more importantly, not committed to such a frenzy. However, the question is easy to be young, the students of Igor Mukhin, who in the 1980s began with informal portraits of Soviet youth, without one hundred grams is also not the answer. The Chronicles of young photographers fall, for example, visitors to the famous bar on Pokrovka. Ilya Nikitin takes off peers here, however, is not to show how spends time of contemporary youth, rather it is interested in the person, mood, and style. Surprisingly, looking at these black and white pictures, as if we are transported in 1980-1990-s. it’s like some kind of Soviet stagnation, where we see a very different young men and women. But in the eyes of many to read longing, despite the apparent ease of the situation.

I have the feeling, looking at other series. Whether it’s footage from a high school graduation pictures of former classmates or street photos of passers-by young age. It seems that only at home, lying on the carpet in a shirt, today’s youth begins to dream… of Course, parties, hot concerts and informal party of punks no one has yet canceled. But they can’t kill the look that was caught on the street or in the pub.

the Theme “Biennale-2020” sounds like “Running time”. And both shows seemingly in tune with the atmosphere and theme, show very different times. With a different sense of internal and external freedom.

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