In the Moscow zoo has died the alligator Mississippi Saturn, which supposedly previously belonged to the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler. On Saturday, may 23, reported on the website of the zoo in the social network “Vkontakte”.

“Yesterday morning our alligator Mississippi Saturn died of old age. He was about 84 years — a very respectable age. In the wild the lifespan of this species is 30 to 50 years”, — stated in the message.

Saturn was born in the US, which was almost immediately transported to the Berlin zoo. From there he fled after the bombing on 23 November 1943, and where he spent the next three years — is unknown. In 1946 it was discovered by British soldiers and handed over to the Soviet Union. After this, the alligator was moved to Moscow.

Almost immediately after the arrival of the animal in the Moscow zoo there was a myth that he allegedly was in Hitler’s collection, and not in the Berlin zoo.

“This is a great happiness that each of us could look him in the eye, just quietly be there. He saw many of us children. Hope we didn’t disappoint” — said at the Moscow zoo.

the Saturn’s Memory will be immortalised in the Darwin Museum.

Earlier in may, it was reported that a resident of the U.S. state of South Carolina decided to hold a baby alligator, provoked his attack, and died.