In the Moscow theater musical premiere of

the Theatre is to be congratulated: on Pushkin square in Moscow there was the Broadway show of the scale and level. With witty and bessmyslennyi libretto by Elena Kiseleva. With gave some great hits in an eclectic music canadian Maxim Lepage. With the enchanting set design Olivier Landreville and choreographed by geneviève Dorion-Coupal: also Canadians, they brought to the Moscow stage chic of the North American musical. But the question in play is about our television and our entertainment business, and the beginning of the play actually takes place in the Russian hinterland, where energetic girl Anya (Galina armless) flock to Moscow in search of fame. Her name is on the shooting of the TV contest “Primetime”, and it is clear that we face the rise of a new talent. The plot is thoroughly familiar, as should be musical, but in the Russian version, it conceals many interesting things.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the theater In Saint-Petersburg will show the new musical “With favourite do not leave”

to Us in detail and with relish how, taking possession of new talent, TV, grinds it into flour for making the most standard pies, which navyazli in the teeth. The competition truly wonderful person: he is presenter and producer Oksana (Oksana diverse Kostecki), extinguished the romantic, the Keeper of the memory of the best times of Boris Moiseevich (Paul’s Favorites), a cynical commercial Director (Maxim Zausalin), a specialist in the implementation of the whore in celebrities Daniel (colorful Efim Shifrin). And above all this hovers in the fields of General Director: Igor Balalaev plays the head of one of the largest channels so it seems that the binoculars can not be distinguished. He refined intellectual, he is a snob and foodie, and he has the look of a tragedian: he has to crush on the audience what he likes. Because it is thabout people hawala and pumps up the rating inflates fees and increases the income television Cyclops. This show in General is full of allusions and recognizable essential types. The author of the idea, the artistic Director of musical Theatre Mikhail Shvydkoi on TV a man who thoroughly knows his laws and customs, and this “Prime time” – its a terrible revenge on behalf of us all, defected from the box to the computer, where dwelt the murderer of television is the Internet. Mortal combat of two media is a young and rapidly aging is one of the most exciting themes of the play.

Photo: Press-service of the festival Ural “Three sisters” can become a Opera of the year

It is two contrasting world. One with a sweet smile on his lips, pretentious and narcissistic, cynical and cruel, pretentious, well-dressed, always with a calculator under his arm and always connected with the “higher spheres”. It feeds on scandals and generates them, breaking the fate of people in the play, this topic almost came to the slaughter, but it’s a musical! – seems to have done. The second world – an informal, lively, energetic, restless, inventive. Is the show explodes with natural REP-bottom, played with passion and skill. In this world, too, turn their millions, but he had not yet commercialized to complete resosnance, although this is clearly seen in the long term. And while he is sincere, charming, full of bright plans and withstands a factory fakes – television. Heroine with a difficult choice between the two titans of our media.

there are lots of living entities. and cute At the same TV apart from the management, there are still people all that illuminating, removing, installing, people with cameras and remote controls, people with mops and brushes, all the understanding, with allfeeling, living in the tangle of squabbling, but it’s not dependable. Here unfolds their stories of love and jealousy, novels, sincere or calculating. And there are the inevitable unions duets like the girl Lena and cameraman Sasha (star room Marina Chirikova and Vladislav Yudin). Or love triangles, they are the same drama of calculations and miscalculations, as Anya, composer-pragmatist Maxim (Alexander Kazmin) and the Professor’s daughter Lelia (Ekaterina Novoselova, who had brought a good jazz singer).

Photo: Alexander Ivanishin Oskaras koršunovas modernized Chekhov’s “the Seagull” for the Moscow art theatre

this Whole complex plot is slightly cumbersome (the play as an Opera of Wagner, lasted about four hours). But the understandable desire of authors, brought together a stellar team, to give each participant action star moment. A lot of talented, their mere enumeration would occupy a quarter of a newspaper page, and forgive me those who are not called.

As befits a Broadway style, the show never ceases to amaze with visual effects. The effect is not only on stage but also on TV monitors, and burn the hall (the audience assigned the role of the television crowd, they also give birth and prepare for the upcoming show). The heel can occur even computer animation – in the room with the devotional music of the simple Matthew. We feel like inside a TV show, in the bowels of Telekon where digested all those kudesniki and chudesnitsa, which we daily find in our home box. And there was no salvation. Performance-vendetta leaving with a sense of vengeful satisfaction.