“We see the increase of the testing population, an increasing number of tests, but at the same time we do not see the recent growth in the number of infected. Evidence it is likely that the level of virus circulation among the population falls,” he said.

Data were obtained by test results of 90 thousand people in the city and region.

“We’ve tested today as a reference centre in Moscow, around 90 thousand of the population of Moscow and Moscow region, we can say that in the last week the level of circulation of coronavirus among the population by the number of detected fell almost four to five times and at the present day in Moscow is 2.6% and in the Moscow region, 3.8 and 3.9, and was 12-14%,” – said the head of the Central research Institute.

However, according to Akimkina possible flare-UPS, but they are not so critical.

“After the may holidays we will see the effect of the isolation that we see today, he said. – I think it will increase and intensify for a number of positions because, in my opinion, still the measure between incidence, prevalence rates and the volume of the circulation of the virus is the immune system that occurs today.”