May 3 in the capital’s subway will further close the lobbies at 45 stations, reports TASS. The measure is related to a decrease in the number of passengers.

In mid-April, as reported by “the Rambler”, was closed lobbies on 20 stations. Restrictions on stations with at least two inputs, where there were reduced traffic flow. It was noted that it was about the lobbies, through which at least 15 people per hour.

The above circumstances were taken into account when planning to close the lobby for another 45 stations. The list includes such as Troparevo, Kropotkin, Sports krasnohvardiis’kyi, Dynamo, Airport, metro station and others.

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The representative of the capital metro noted that the measure is not associated with the total closure of the passage to the station. To get to the subway will be through the adjacent hallways leading to the subway. The train, said subway employee, continue to go on schedule.