After upgrading the ventilation system in the Metropolitan subway in the summer it was three degrees cooler. This was announced by the head of the Moscow metro Victor Kozlovsky.

It is noted that in 2004 the modernization of the ventilation system underground has been updated equipment, more than 300 mines. This led to the fact that the air in the subway was cleaner and fresher.

Ventilation is increased by 40%, and twice lowered the level of carbon dioxide, and in the summer it is cooler by approximately three degrees, — Kozlowski cites RIA Novosti.

He added that it is possible to optimize the power consumption. It is reduced by 5%.

Wrote the validity of travel documents on public transport in the capital will be extended to those who during the isolation for coronavirus is not made more than 15 trips. Extend travel it is possible if March 30 is a citizen purchased a ticket for 60 trips without limit and travel at 30, 90 and 365 days. For replacement you need to contact the ticket office of the metro and Mosgortrans after may 31.