If there is such a thing as a man of the hour, then it is the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. In Short, the closure of the Balkans back route in 2015. Without the youngest Chancellor in the world, many of the Germans wish for a long time already as an Alternative to Angela Merkel, would be in this country, the Federal government of the Driven probably still in the Räsonnieren.

But Shortly before then the clock, he is the secret conductor, acting in the orchestra of Europe, of the many voices with political expediency and pragmatic.

“Austria has always been a step”

it Was 2015 already, the locomotive – to the whole of Europe joined, as the slow train, then, he. in the year 2020 within the corona crisis to the engine of agility, which ensures transverse to the European and German Mainstream About the author

Dr. Dr. Stefan Groß-Lobkowicz studied philosophy, theology, art history and German literature in Jena, Munich, Valladolid, nice and Madrid. After graduating, he received his doctorate in Jena, Germany, and Madrid; he was lecturer in philosophy at the University of Jena. Stations of his life Cicero”, the Friedrich-Schiller University”, TU Munich, For five years, works Great for the Weimer Media Group, first as chief of service, Deputy editor-in-chief and now editor-in-chief and Editor for the Print and Online edition of “The European”. Large is the author of several books.

While for Emmanuel Macron, the world is sinking in the war against the Coronavirus, the Lockdown, the European economy is in an abysmal leads down wobble, perhaps even irreparably, the Austrians to the contrary.

He loosens the corona restrictions and is thus – once again – Germany is also under pressure. Even Angela Merkel stressed in their press conference now: “Austria was ahead of us, always a step.” Mask duty in the supermarket: So the Chancellor wants to implement in Short the new rule, FOCUS Online/Wochit mask duty in the supermarket: So the Chancellor wants to have a new rule

to implement While the German Chancellor is entering the crisis in a Renaissance, in the farewell mode to “on” turns off and the Green feel-good advice and banal Corona-tips washes more by the crisis than to create this can, at least, to tie in with the national parties back to old successes. Even the SPD moves on to the Green.

in Short, a recipe for his country independent of Europe

It is a well-made fact that the Green drive on the fast Lane, when the world is in prästabilierter order. Crisis-solver, and you are not. And also in the eternal attack mode lurking AfD, which rehearses the revolt against the people’s party and the fire of the Agitation light is not almost become voiceless, also good in exceptional times as a problem solver.

Even the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), actually, the storm tested a barricades striker in Person, and sensitive when it comes to the economy, pleads always for the maintenance of the shutdown, because the crisis is not over yet, a relapse is possible at any time.

So, Söder, such as Merkel, are currently in terms of Shutdown on the siding, the German economy is splashing increasingly in the fainting or even coma. Söder Short of the’ Corona-Plan: “In some Places, not very consistent” FOCUS Online/Wochit Söder Short of the’ Corona-Plan: “In some Places, not very consistent”

gave the Short back independently, a recipe for his country and an example for the Rest of Europe. His luck, he has other Green at his side as the German Federal government. Short of the Green are not a Hardliner, but a liberal and wear a Wirtschaftsgen in.

Sebastian Short perspective at the end of the tunnel

Also, psychologically, makes Sebastian Short, everything correctly. Because the duration of the crisis, the duration of mode, makes people mellow, many suffocate in boredom, a lot of despair in short-time work or unemployment. The soul takes the damage, not only by the freedom of recognized rights, such as freedom of travel, freedom of Assembly, but the deep uncertainty about the future is not what so many of the leads only in the country in the Depression.

The damage that a dangerous Scene, could charge in the future, the health insurance companies with expensive therapies even further. The domestic violence that threatens when the uncertainty is destroying the family-inner peace and in your Luggage-threatening escalations and excesses that could have for many children the long-term negative consequences.

The number of people that prefer to have resigned currently, the suicide, because they are disillusioned, are the Negative facets of a shutdown that paralyzes not only the economy, but also the souls.

Groundbreaking and brave

If the economy turns now permanently in crisis mode, it remains the question of whether they can be ventilated and resuscitated. You can not, it will govern the duration of unemployment. A scenario like before the global economic crisis threatens, and the damage to society and the individual are greater than the current Blockade.

All of these “If” has Sebastian Kurz scheduled factored in. And his decision of how Austria comes out of the Lockdown out, is groundbreaking and brave. Thus, what is needed more than anything else is Short-the people in times of uncertainty, hope as a perspective at the end of the tunnel. In a world where currently everything is gray or black, the Austrians, almost Messianic.

hope as the clock of life

And even when the relaxation delay, Short of the exception has defused the situation. He looks like Nietzsche is not pessimistic to the rear, but high forward. Wish for a return of the Same, but a better quality. Currently, however, warns Shortly before the lifting of the Status quo. That’s right, he weighs.

Because he knows that the fight against the Coronavirus is not yet won, a vaccine is not in sight, the herd immunity is controversial, mask of duty and keep their Distance provisional companions limited freedoms.

The travel across the country borders will probably be months long. But the hope is given a more delicate look, you will not be utopia as Ernst Bloch, but soon the clock of life back, but Sebastian is ultimately Short. Ship to ship: helper to get Corona-patients with risky maneuver by cruise ship PCP ship to ship: helper to get Corona-patients with risky maneuver by cruise ship Flexible advice in the doctor’s office by phone consultation! PCP Flexible advice in the doctor’s office by phone consultation! “The fight of his life”: The British press commented on Johnson’s Corona-Drama FOCUS Online/Wochit “The fight of his life”: The British press commented on Johnson’s Corona-Drama

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