In the MHD made to the need to develop norms of space for speed Dating

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

member of the Commission of Moscow city Council on health and public health, doctor of medical Sciences, honored doctor of the Russian Federation of Olga Sharapova admitted the need to develop sanitary standards of premises to speed Dating. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

“We go to the store, there are certain points on sanitary rules. This should include those areas where people are: cafes, restaurants, shops, Internet cafes,” explained Sharapova.

the MP also noted that he does not consider this format is illegal, however, she stands for the standard methods of Dating. She explained that under standard methods understands meetings at work, school or other cultural events.

“my husband and I met in the theater. And to come to some meetings and meet people – I don’t see anything wrong, but clearly, if we are talking about a pattern of behavior, then it already exists”, she added.

the Committee Member believes that if this system of Dating is in demand, so you need to think about compliance. Sharapova said that the problem should be handled by experts of Rospotrebnadzora, noting that it is also ready to perform the situation.

Earlier, the psychologist of the Moscow service of psychological aid to the population of Catherine Igonina advise shy people to go to speed Dating, to remove barriers in communicating with the opposite sex.

According to her, the dates in this format the potential partner is configured to a chance to find a loved one, which much simplifies the process of starting communication. She added that, ceasing to be themselves, it is hardly possible to count on harmonious relations.

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