In the MHD has proposed to consolidate at the Federal level, common terms for Parking

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov suggested amendments in Federal legislation to establish uniform terms for Parking cars. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

“So, in the current legislation, no distinction was made between “Parking” and “Parking”, you may encounter the terms “guest Parking” and “guest Parking”, there is no precise definition of “Parking”, “Parking”, “Parking”. Need to amend several Federal laws to avoid double interpretation, which leads to legal conflicts,” said Shaposhnikov.

According to him, some of the complexity is the fact that the issue of regulation of requirements for defining different placements of the machines given to the level of the Federation.

“In fact, the city has no right to transfer the manufacturer to lease the land plot on the territory road network”, – he stressed.

Earlier in Moscow has extended the paid Parking zone even on 80 streets of the capital. The innovation will affect 16 districts. To pay for Parking machines are now needed in areas of cross-country, Moscow, Taganka, Basmannaya, Golovin, Danilovsky, Moscow, Maryina Roshcha, Mitino, Nagatino-Sadovniki, Novogireevo, Ryazan, Yuzhnoportovy, Mount Falcon, Northern and southern Tushino.

moreover, the paid for cars appears in Vnukovo, in particular, at the 2nd Regular street and plot 3rd Regular streets that are next to the airport.

it Also became known that in the capital region in 2019 recorded the highest number of unpaid fines.

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