In the Kuban, the court revoked the license of a boarding school, which was asked of Putin

the Kremlin has suspended the work of the school, which asked Putin. The arbitration court of Krasnodar region revoked the license for educational activities of boarding school named after M. P. Shchetinin, who used unconventional teaching methods.

a statement on the revocation of the license of the court asked the regional education Ministry, which late last year revealed a number of violations in the work of the Lyceum, informs GTRK “Kuban”. In particular, the use of school buildings beyond its territory and belonging to natural persons, and the absence of the stadium, equipped according to standards and medical office.

the Conflict over the educational institution is under the control of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. During the December press conference he was asked about the situation with the school of Mikhail Shchetinin, the President gave instructions to investigate the situation.

the court of Arbitration confirmed that the license for implementation of educational activities of the school annulled. The decision can be appealed.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”