In the Kuban, the court dropped the charges against orphans in the cut rotten trees

This happened after several publications in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” (“the Prosecutor V. orphans” – the “RG” on 21.01. 2020, “Who is to blame? – The “RG” on 22.01 and “Reverse” – the “RG” on 29.01. 2020). The epicenter of the scandal, recall was 24-year-old Vasily Popkov from Apsheronsky area of Kuban. In three years he was left an orphan and brought up by foster family in the local village Mezmay. Last spring Bob had cleared a path to the home school from the fallen after the storm the trees, but instead of gratitude, was charged with… theft of state property. With the filing of the district Ruslan Samoylova defenseless orphan became the figurant of criminal case about illegal tree felling on a large scale (part 2 of article 260 of the criminal code). The villagers were indignant at this injustice, collected signatures in defense of Popkov, however militiamen have decided to renounce its claims. Then Wasini countrymen turned for help to the public.

Photo: Maxim Korotchenko/WG Sentence Astrakhan psychiatrist for the crime patient cancelled

After the scandal, the administration of Absheron district recognized in this case, the injured party, told the court the petition for its termination behind reconciliation of the parties. Basil, exhausted by walking law enforcement corridors, was forced to agree, and then on January 22, the Absheron district court judge Stanislav Razderishin issued a ruling on termination of criminal proceedings. However, this decision, as we suspected, it gave rise to negative legal consequences, since the criminal case was dismissed on non-rehabilitating grounds. The Prosecutor of Kuban Sergey Tubelsky, studied the materials, instructed to prepare an appeal submission, which raised the question about cancellation of the decision of the district court and the termination of the criminalthe first case on the basis of paragraph 2 part 1 article 24 UPK the Russian Federation, i.e. in the absence in act of structure of a crime, with the recognition for Vasily Popkov right to rehabilitation. Yesterday, this view was voiced in the Krasnodar regional court. The resonant case listened to the appellate court under the chairmanship of Gennady kurdakov gave.

Neither the investigator nor the court took into account the fact that Basil is not only admitted guilt, but from the first day the prosecution said that the alder tree, which he sawed was broken and piled by the wind to nearby path on which the children daily go to school and return home, – said in his speech at the trial the lawyer Rostislav hmyrov. – The defendant Popkov eliminated emergency. And although his testimony is confirmed by witnesses and case materials, it was ignored.

Photo: Yuri Somov/ RIA Novosti In the Voronezh region the woman tried to close the mortgage money from the 90s

the Board on criminal cases of the Krasnodar regional court also concluded that the Absheron district court against Vasily Popkov was a fundamental breach of the criminal law act, expressed in violation guaranteed by the legislation of the Russian Federation the rights of the defence against wrongful prosecution, and compensation for the inflicted harm.

Basil was on the court along with his guardian Olga Labuzova. And both, after hearing the acquittal, could not hold back tears.

we are told, are involved in the illegal criminal prosecution of Vasily Popkov received a disciplinary sanction. Also the regional court issued a special order to the address of the Prosecutor of Absheron district on the inadmissibility of violation of the law by prosecutors with the approval of the indictment in criminal casesand maintaining it for prosecution in the court of first instance.

the Way

note that the “RG” wrote about the working methods of police officers of Apsheronsky area of Kuban. So, for several years head of one of the local kindergartens, honorary worker of General education of the Russian Federation Marina Gilgenberg tried to defend his good name. Slander former colleagues, whom she accused of dishonesty, brought a criminal case on the fraud, hilgenberg appropriated either 53, or 48 thousand rubles (the amount is constantly changing), who allegedly voluntarily surrendered her colleagues. Most of them refused the signatures under the statement to the police, protecting the head. The teachers sent out an appeal to media with the slogan “save an honest man.”

However, law enforcement officers with enviable persistence brought the case to court (see “RG”, “revenge of the competitor?” from 11.12.2018). The first conviction in Apsheronsk, quashed the regional court, after which the case allowed in the second round. And the same result – guilty, punishment in the form of a fine in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. By the way, the second indictment the sentence is the same judge Stanislav Razderishin. Marina doesn’t give up. She continues to achieve an acquittal and believes that its business will understand the court of cassation, where she is now preparing an appeal.