Today, at the meeting of the regional Operational staff it was decided that from 21 June on Kuban will open all hotels and guest houses (most of them located on the black sea coast).

As previously reported, the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev said the abolition – also from June 21 – the quarantine coronavirus in all areas of the Krasnodar territory, which operated from the end of March.

we will Remind, since June 12, in the Kuban were allowed (but subject to all the requirements of the CPS) to open the hotels up to 50 rooms. During this time, almost half of them have already hosted the first visitors.

But with the easing of quarantine, which was introduced in the last two weeks, the West region surged then tourists from many regions of Russia. “And if we tighten with the discovery of large hotels and boarding houses, it could lead to a shortage of hotel rooms, and it is possible to increase the value of number Fund” – said the Governor, who proposed to authorize the start of June 21, all the hotels in the region, regardless of the number of rooms in them.

It was supported by the head of Krasnodar and the mayors of all the resort towns and districts, who said that all major hotels here are ready to start work.

the Vice-Governor Vasily Shvets said that today Kuban is about 600 hotels, with only 15% of them have more than 50 numbers.

At the same time the chief sanitary doctor of region Maria Potemkina said that in case of such decision the entire staff of the major hotels should be tested for coronavirus infection and to fulfill all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor for catering at these hotels.

And according to the Minister of health of the region, Yevgeny Filippov, the CPS must quickly develop a tight regulation of their activities during a pandemic. For example, if some of these hotels will be found the tenant with COVID-19, it is not yet clear what action needs to be taken here.

as for observation, then they will continue to work. Now, however, they will only accommodate those who arrived from abroad. For residents from other regions, this restriction at the entrance of the Kuban removed.