Poland’s willingness to provide its territory for the deployment of military infrastructure of NATO is a threat to Russia. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov in the “Big game”.

This Peskov said that the Poland is unlikely to represent a threat to Russia.

“by Itself, Poland is unlikely to pose a threat to Russia. But as a country, ready to provide its territory for military infrastructure of third countries or of an organization such as the Alliance – that poses a threat to us” – quoted Peskov TASS.

A Kremlin spokesman said that Russia “unpleasant” “consistent drift” NATO’s military infrastructure towards the Russian borders. In addition, it forces us to take measures to guarantee security.

Poland called the condition of “complete independence” from Russia

How to write “Rambler”, before the Chinese edition of “Phoenix” expressed the opinion that Poland will have to pay a high price for his Pro-American behavior and become a main battleground in the confrontation between Russia and the United States.