In the Krasnodar region of the coronavirus examined nearly 200 thousand people

In the Krasnodar region for the presence of coronavirus examined about two hundred thousand people. In the region at all crossing points across the Russian border introduced enhanced sanitary control. The passengers and crew members are checked, at both international and domestic routes, reports GTRK “Kuban”.

the Press service of the regional Rospotrebnadzor reported that since January the region saw more than 190 thousand passengers and more than 480 shipments. Representatives of the Department explained that citizens of China who had identified symptoms of SARS, necessarily isolated. They are laboratory screened for all possible SARS pathogens, including coronavirus. Currently, cases of new infection in the Kuban region is not detected.

Representatives of the world health organization called differences between group and coronavirus infection. First and foremost, is a higher mortality rate. From the coronavirus was about 3.4 percent infected, while seasonal flu is less than 1 percent. In addition, because the people have not yet developed immunity to COVID-19, it causes more severe complications than the normal flu. However, similar infections that spread by airborne droplets. Note that drugs and vaccines against the new virus does not currently exist.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”