In the Krasnodar region detained a gang of local police

3 March, the Investigative Committee announced that in the Krasnodar Krai law enforcement authorities uncovered and detained a criminal group composed entirely of local police.

the detention was conducted by the Main investigation Department of the TFR in the North Caucasian Federal district, with the consent of the district Department of the Prosecutor General and with the Main Department of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

as a result, at the same time was detained the commander of a platoon of traffic police at the Uspensky district Sergey Bochkarev, inspectors Maxim Maximov, Dmitry Plekhov, Sirtaki of Tosunov, Yevgeny Akimov. Them company made the chief of the district of Obypk Mikhail Bakanov and ex-operative for particularly important cases of the regional police novel Grinenko.

In St. Petersburg detained a gang of serial kidnappers from Central Asia

Here is a preliminary version of the investigation. These law enforcers the last few years on the post of DPS “assumption” on the road P-217 “Caucasus” received bribes from drivers.

And received for all. And for violations of various kinds. And most importantly – they “protected” the passage through your post that in documents called “alcohol-containing products”. Simply put, counterfeit and illegal alcohol, which is through these “gates” were spread across the vast country.

a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of article 210 of the Criminal code – “organization of criminal community and participation in it.” And the second article – part 6 of article 290 – “bribe reception in especially large size”.

the Post Uspenskiy – one of the few remaining in the Kuban stationary posts of traffic police. Now these posts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. “Magri” is located on the border with the territory of big Sochi, Taman on the way to the Crimean bridge, and “Tokareva beam” and “assumption” – on the path to Moscow and the North Caucasus republics.

to be quite honest, something about driving through DPS “assumption” for a long time is a bad rumor, and the mass arrests of its employees have only confirmed what people gossiped constantly.

Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti In Chita colleague Shamsutdinova was sentenced to two years probation

the Post is located 16 kilometers from the village of the Dormition – the regional center of the eponymous district. This is one of the Kuban suburbs. From Krasnodar to the assumption about 250 kilometers. Immediately after it starts, the Federal road P-217 “Caucasus”, which leads to all the North Caucasus republics.

It is the end of the SFD and the beginning of the North Caucasus Federal district – Federal district, which includes the Republic, and Stavropol Krai. The post “the assumption” is situated just on the border with the neighbouring region.

– Fixed structures on the site appeared 40 years ago, – explained correspondent “RG” the retired captain, honorary pensioner of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Chaliapin.

– At the time, I was in charge of their construction, the facility was commissioned in 1980, then I became the first head of this post, however, this position was a short one. But had and to chase criminals to the border with the Rostov region, and suppress serious offences. It’s a strategic area, it is right that our post at the time not liquidated along with the other.

During the existence of the post of DPS “assumption” of his staff catching bandits and drug traffickers, raided, stopped the carriage of dangerous goods.

Each of them was constantly in danger – this was in the assumption I know firsthand: in 2011, under the wheels of the car belonging to a resident of Dagestan, was killed on duty on the post of inspector of investigation Department of Armavir Alexander Basin.

Photo: iStock In Smolensk the police busted an illegal wine warehouse

According to eyewitnesses, the local police had to detain dangerous criminals.

“Serious oversight needs to be not only for passing traffic, but also for employees themselves,” – says the first chief of the patrol post Alexander Chaliapin.

Alexander left the service 30 years ago and is now engaged in farming. Says the new house on the site of an old, yet his father’s hut he managed to build only recently. And the present depeest just a couple of years service get expensive mansions and very expensive cars.

For this reason the district is walking a bike. Say, one of the police officers wrote in the name of your management statement: “In connection with a difficult financial situation please transfer me to the post of “assumption”.

the phrase Became a meme, the villagers of the assumption now pass each other, pointing at another fence, behind which grew a luxurious mansion of the police officer. About this, the villagers angrily told to the correspondent “RG”: “although We in the district live, but it is a village where everyone knows each other. Here all in the mind, and the truth from the people, you can’t hide”.

Photo: Ilya Naymushin / RIA Novosti Motorists may allow the appeal the fines through the “public Services”

By the way, fellow employees of the post, of course, extortion is not levied, but motorists from other regions had to fork out.

the drivers of the trucks here say knew local tax: how much overload and how much of the passage of the “left” item.

On the channel “YouTube” on this subject you can see a few spots – catcher, it should be noted, impressive. Now its participants, the truth is without epaulettes, will have to explain not only pon the occasion captured on video moments, but also many other situations.

Questions to them, apparently, a lot. And it is still unknown where will the threads from the assumption of the case.

According to witnesses, the mass arrests in the assumption area began suddenly on Monday morning. And was arrested not only the staff on duty at the time at the DPS office, but those who were home at the time.

In the eyes of relatives and neighbors arrived from Moscow law enforcers in masks detainees were taken outside, put in cars and taken away

In order to avoid leakage of information investigation conducted exclusively visiting law enforcement officers.

In the eyes of relatives and neighbors arrived from Moscow law enforcers in masks detainees were taken outside, put in cars and taken away. They say that in that day all were about 30 people. All questioned. Remained in detention pending trial until seven.

the Correspondent “RG” the Investigative Committee stated the following:

with the Investigation in cooperation with the police conducted large-scale events, including 49 searches in places of residence and offices of the suspects, and also have persons check on participation in illegal activity of the criminal community. The investigation has produced documents to the court for the arrest of the detainees.

help “RG”

Articles brought against the police, are considered to be serious and do not fall under the Amnesty. Only for organization and participation in a criminal Association to each of them threatens till 20 years of a colony of a strict mode. Under article 290 of the criminal code – up to 15 years imprisonment and a fine of up to semidesyatiletnego the amount of the bribe.