However, many downloaded only a few months of the year, and the rest are working at half capacity or closed. And only the best resorts become year round. A recognized leader among them was the Sochi sanatorium “Knowledge”, which experts have called the most popular in the Russian Federation the property.

Its Director Dmitry Bogdanov last year was named the best Manager of Russia in efficiency of the Spa business. We went to Adler, where under palm trees and cypress trees stand the buildings of the resort.

the resort is located on an area of 8.5 hectares. A large part is occupied by the arboretum with 1200 species of plants. Here is a well-maintained therapeutic walk and the beach, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and changing rooms, located a hundred meters: the road to it lies through the underpass under the railway track. However, sunbathing and swimming and Spa pools. Two of them – winter and summer, made in the form of drops. Its maximum depth of two meters, but for the youngest guests at the pool in a separate bowl, half a meter deep with more warm water and with a fountain in the shape of a mushroom. Under it we found a small Savely who came to the resort with my mother and grandmother.

– we Have a family ticket for two weeks, – says the inhabitant of Kirov Tatyana Agafonova. – Booked it back in early January. Rest with treatment on the three cost 104 thousand rubles. It is quite a budget option, in other resorts are considerably more expensive. And here is a wonderful environment and reasonable prices. Worried that because of the quarantine will have to postpone the trip, so when I heard that the resort resumed work, very happy. Enjoy the fifth day.

the Family of Tatarchuk came from Tomsk on 18 days. Together with her mother on the resort rest nine-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

– Permits all paid by the company where I work, – says Natalya Tatarchuk. – We have it spelled out in the collective agreement, so we have a rest every year at his expense. In Sochi for the first time, and we like it very much. At home colleagues will recommend this resort.

the Siberian and could not imagine that ten years ago, he eked out a miserable existence and was in demand a few months of the year. The change came with the arrival of Dmitry Bogdanov. In the past he was an officer, past the “hot spots”. Graduated from two military schools, but the concussion forced the military to change military jacket civilian jacket and return to Sochi, where he was born and raised. Together with friends Dmitry created the company to provide legal services. Enterprises of a sanatorium complex was calculated with vouchers. Tried to implement them through local travel agencies, but making sure that they do not know how the proposed partner creatorsü your Agency. Sell tours learned quickly, but the quality of services offered did not suit. Then, Bogdanov decided to take, so to speak, the “dead” health in your own control to make them attractive to visitors. First army the habit a few months made the object perfect order: changing the interior and furniture, were recruited, if necessary, new staff. It was expensive and required a serious investment, but they pay off, since all the resorts, taken Bogdanov to manage, quickly become profitable. It happened with the sanatorium “Knowledge”, where he directorsthe 2011. For advice now travel colleagues from all resort regions. Bogdanov secrets from no one hides, willingly sharing their experiences on social networks, in meetings with colleagues and journalists.

Dmitry, trips to your sanatorium booked for a year or two ahead, are bought in advance, and people of all age groups. How does it work?

Dmitry Bogdanov: Indeed, now we rest, as they say, young and old. But initially, we relied on the program “Silver age”, suggesting a Spa treatment, with accommodation in comfortable guest rooms, three meals a day on system “buffet”, with the diagnosis, treatment, chance to swim in the indoor pool. In December 2011 the range of services was offered in the offseason at a price of 990 rubles a day per person. Something like that in other cities was worth then about 1700-2000 rubles. It was a marketing breakthrough, which immediately drew the attention of the customers.

for several months in a sanatorium drove people from across the country. We are well helped the company “Healthy world – Sochi”, which is on the market for over 18 years. Her specialization is health tourism, so all of their clients and partners, to learn about this proposal helped to ensure a sufficiently large flow of tourists. Through this program, we have gone from the season, becoming a year-round resort. Of course, there were vouchers for a different price – depending on the comfort of rooms and therapeutic procedures, including Matsesta baths. In the summer, of course, their cost was higher, but the ratio “price – quality” remained unchanged. This is the main condition for success.

At the time the Spa treatment was available to all, and the milkmaid, and steelmaker vouchers paid for the company.

Dmitry Bogdanov: Then serious studies have shown that a one-week stay in the resort give the total energy for four to five months, two weeks – almost a year and three weeks – a year and a half. It was therefore profitable to heal people in one year 10 million people went on trade-Union vouchers in San��thorium, and next sent to relax the other 10 million. According to scientists, regular Spa treatment removes the disease for 10-15 years. Car we two times a year carry out the maintenance, but for your own health do not watch, and then wonder where are the strokes, heart attacks and other misfortunes.

how much time do you advise them to spend in a sanatorium?

Dmitry Bogdanov: It depends on your goals. If you have accumulated fatigue, but there are only three or four days to come. In the presence of chronic diseases it is necessary to buy the ticket at least 14 days. And to connect to Matsesta will take at least 18 days.

what you need to pass the popular program “Check-up”?

Dmitry Bogdanov: Explain: this is not a program, and a fairly common today is the practice of deep medical diagnostics, combined with a short term stay that is convenient to carry out in a sanatorium. Diagnosis, carried out over two or three days, not marred by the queue to the specialist, traffic congestion, lack of free time. In Moscow, prices start from 35 thousand (a mid – 70 thousand) rubles, and in the Sochi health resorts – the service is three times cheaper. And customers in parallel with testing walk in the Park, swim in the pool, get a massage. Rest one word. Thursday arrivals, and on Sunday evening going home, knowing virtually everything about the state of his health.

To conduct such surveys need a good medical base.

Dmitry Bogdanov: we have It. In the state sanatorium “Knowledge” 110 doctors, 30 of them are doctors. We have professionals who come to counseling not only residents, but also Muscovites. I highly value, therefore, during almost three months of forced downtime in connection with the quarantine coronavirus tried to support them.

the city Hall of Sochi invited the Russian government to Finance the program of improvement of doctors, who saved lives in the infectious diseases hospitals. Resorts is ready at the lowest prices to accept them. How do you assess this initiative?

Dmitry Bogdanov: We will be glad to participate in this program.

You say that a good resort will help to avoid many ailments?

Dmitry Bogdanov: Definitely. For little money you can get a very good result. The effect is seen after four or five days: campers Wake up at least half an hour early, filled with energy and ready to run through medical procedures. Here treats even sea air. The right way to treatment three days later removes accumulated in the human body cramps and stress. In the East, in the basis of medicine is not treatment, but prevention. This word is embedded a very specific meaning: to listen to your body, not to pollute it with harmful substances, give load and rest, be nourished with oxygen and nutrients. Not the last role in maintaining the health a good sleep and a constant inner joy, optimism. That’s what we try to give all campers.