In the heart of the slingshot? Congratulated Banksy's native Bristol wall of a Valentine

Mysterious street artist Banksy has congratulated happy Valentine’s Day native Bristol in his characteristic style.

Waking up in the morning, residents found on the wall of one of the houses drawing in which the girl shoots a slingshot, and above right shows a bright red “Bang”.

Image placed in the official Instagram Banksy. It can be regarded as recognition of the fact that graffiti was the work of the mysterious artist.

In response to the comments under this post the artist received in response to the many declarations of love.

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Publish from Banksy (@banksy) February 13 2020 4:02 PST

In the comments people, however, wonder: what symbolizes is the red “explosion”? Some suggest that this is a broken heart, others that the fireworks, and others – that depicts a cluster of flowers.

in Just 12 hours the post received more than one million and a hundred thousand likes.

At Christmas with its unusual Banksy graffiti congratulated Birmingham. Then he painted the wall where the homeless slept, the sleigh with magical reindeer of Santa Claus.