According to the estimates of the CEC, the remaining presidential candidates are seriously lagging behind the leaders. The representative of “Our party” Renato usatyi has gained 16.94% of the votes, the candidate from the party “shore” Ivanov – 6.52 percent, the Chairman of the party “Platform “the Dignity and truth” Andrei Nastase – 3.26 percent, the candidate from the party of National unity Octavian Ticu – 2.01 percent, the candidate from the liberal democratic party Tudor deliu – 1.38 percent, the head of the Liberal party Dorin Chirtoaca 1.19 percent.

Elections were held, because the turnout exceeded the required threshold of 33.33 percent. However, it can not be called to the polls came 42,76 percent of citizens eligible to vote.

Because in the first round the winner wasn’t determined, November 15 second round. By the way, now is almost same situation in 2016, then in the second round were also Dodon and Sandu, however, the last time the margin of 4 percent of votes for Dodon.

it Should be noted that this vote took place in conditions of coronavirus restrictions – voters at polling stations were given masks and gloves and asked them to come with their pen. We developed a special smartphone app to find a less congested polling place. All elections in the country have banned the movement of private vehicles with a capacity of more than eight people to interfere with the organized transportation of voters.