In the fight against coronavirus Tyumen acts proactively

March 28, in the Tyumen region introduced a regime of mandatory isolation for all persons over 65 years of age and people with chronic diseases. This is done to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the region, said in the program “60 minutes” the Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander moor.

He added that following the example of Moscow in the coming hours the decision will be released as a Supplement to close all shopping and entertainment facilities, in addition to grocery stores, pharmacies, and emergency dentistry.

However the most complex, according to the Governor, to follow orders, as it consists of about 250 thousand people.

“every Trace is objectively impossible, so expect responsibility and discipline. We have provided for the ability to block a transportation card when they trigger, to make people less traveled,” added Moore.

He stressed that the most effective way of combating the spread of the coronavirus remains awareness.

“it’s Important to convey to people the level of danger that can occur when infected. And to convey to young people the need to help older people relive the days of isolation: to provide food, calling, moral support”, — said Alexander Moore.

“no Other way, if we want to reduce the rate of infection. To fight the epidemic of half-measures — it’s like that not fight at all” — said the Governor of Tyumen.

He noted that currently in the Tyumen region recorded only two confirmed cases of coronavirus. Despite this, the region has already completed the refurbishment of regional hospital for infectious diseases. 200 beds are ready to work in the mode of infectious hospital. And potentially have the opportunity to expand to 750 beds. Also have a 650 working ventilators.

“We are ready for developments in including the negative option,” concluded Moore.

In Russia for the last days new cases of coronavirus COVID-19 registered in 18 regions. The total number of infected has increased by 182 and amounted to 840 people. Of these, 136 new cases for Moscow.

In the world the total number of cases for March 26, is almost 471,3 thousand confirmed cases. The gain for the day amounted to 48.5 thousand cases in 172 countries around the world.