decathlon world champion Niklas Kaul (USC Mainz) trained in the home garden, home team athletes in private spaces and hurdle Sprinter Cindy Roleder (SV Halle), among other things, on the field due to: The German stars are due to the closed training facilities to be creative, to be able to your workouts in times of Coronavirus, nevertheless, continue.

A Situation which connects you with athletes around the world, whose countries have currently imposed even lock the output and the call for Social Distancing to slow the spread of the Virus.

heptathlon Olympic champion Nafissatou Thiam was located about a gym in your Garage. “If I can’t go to the Gym, the Gym to me,” wrote the Belgian to a Video on their Instagram page, which shows you in the Training.

curfew affects athletes

heptathlon champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson is currently affected in France by the imposed curfew. “It is currently impossible to train as before and on the Olympic games to prepare,” writes the British on Instagram. “I’m still in a comparatively fortunate Situation: I am healthy and already Olympia qualified.”

Also, the multiple world and Olympic champion in the triple jump, Christian Taylor, has to manage currently in his Training. “Our Training must change,” says the American. “Many athletes train otherwise on College courses or other public facilities. Now everything is closed.”

It was time to be creative, in order to ensure safety for themselves and others. “We have found mountains, fields, beaches, bridges, and places where we have Weights to lift.”

Similarly, staff experienced the Olympic high jump champion Ekaterini Stefanidi of the Situation in their home country Greece. “We train on the street or on the beach,” she said of the world Association “World Athletics”. That there is no special pole vault-Training is possible, but it is also clear.

“For the first Time I train, without a fixed target”

high jump world champion Mutaz Essa Barshim arranged also as well as possible with the current Situation.

“I have to stay home, unless I work out or buy food,” says the Qatari. “For me, this is not a big difference, since I’m already much at home. But it changed, of course, my Training. Many facilities on which I train otherwise, are closed. Some of the units we need to shorten this. Fortunately, I can meet my Trainer. It is strange. For the first Time in my career I train, without a fixed target. I don’t know when my first Competition will be, if and when the Olympic games take place. But in times like these, health is the top priority. I hope therefore that everyone will adhere to the arrangements.”

the current crisis but also on the mental health impact of shot-putter Filip Mihaljevic reported. “It’s hard to motivate yourself for the Training,” said the Croatian, who won in the indoor season, the World Indoor Tour. “Every day you hear bad news, more and more people die. And so not to give you something to train hard, what’s taking place, maybe not.”

This article by Alexandra Dersch

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