In the Fes explained, is it possible to opt-out of the work book

As he explained during the “hot line” in the “Russian newspaper”, the employees who filed the application on provision of data in electronic form and received the labor book on his hands as the corresponding records will not be able to return them to the employer to continue the conduct in paper form.

Photo: iStock Rostrud announced the possibility of sending raschetom email

“This opportunity for the employee, the law does not provide. For the employer, who agreed to take back the work book there are risks associated with the acceptance of the entry is invalid, the need to change HR policies, the correction of the reports to the FIU. Therefore, it is advisable to warn the workers in advance,” said Ivan Shklovets.

But to change your mind in the opposite direction is possible – to choose the first paper, but after a year or two to give it up.

“the Employee is submitting the request for the continued maintenance of employment record may subsequently submit an application on refusal of doing the work book at any time – in 2021, 2022 and subsequent years,” he said.

the Full version of “hot line” read in the nearest numbers “RG” and “RG – Week”.