In the Federation Council commented on the results of the study of the dead body from COVID-2019

Earlier it was reported that Chinese doctors released the results of postmortem examination of the body of 85-year-old man who allegedly became the first victim of a new type coronavirus COVID-2019. The hospitalized patient was still in January with multiple cerebral infarction. During hospitalization the patient did not have fever, cough and other symptoms characteristic of pneumonia. Only on the 10th day after admission, he developed discomfort in my throat in the form of itching, the beginning of the temperature rise. Computed tomography showed the presence of infectious foci in both lungs.

Photo: the Newspaper who elevated the risk assessment of the coronavirus to “very high”

Coronavirus was diagnosed in the patient on the 13th day after admission. A week later the re-imaging of the lungs showed further spread of foci of infection in the lungs. The patient’s death occurred on the 28th day after admission. As mentioned in the conclusion after conducting a post-mortem examination, the cause of death of the patient is a pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, respiratory failure.

But it is unclear whether the virus affects other organs. The deceased elderly man had other disease, so more research is needed.

In this story yet unclear. Where the man contracted the infection outside of the clinic or already being in it? And how is cerebral infarction with further events? After all, if disturbed blood flow to the brain may be affected and light.

“cerebral Infarction is one of the main causes of death. Mortality from heart attacks brainand takes the second place after mortality from coronary heart disease. And recently this figure has been steadily growing,” – said Tatiana Kusano.