According to a member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Oleg Morozov, to follow the recommendations of the world health organization (who) or not is an internal affair of Belarus, but the uncontrolled growth in the number of infected could be critical to the national health system.

Previously, the who experts recommended that the Belarusian authorities adopt national measures to strengthen the restrictive measures in a pandemic. Among the recommendations: increasing the physical distance between people, the introduction of formats of remote work and distance learning, the closure of the minor organizations. At the moment, the rate of new cases COVID-19 in Belarus — one of the highest in Europe.

Despite claims to the who, the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus will not become the pandemic is to cancel the parade for the 75th anniversary of the Victory, “as thousands of people want this event took place”.

“who is concerned about the situation in Belarus, so they were given recommendations. How to follow them — this is an internal affair of the country… We understand that the uncontrolled growth of disease may be critical. Better to learn from others ‘mistakes rather than their own, they are too expensive”, — quotes RIA Novosti words of Senator Morozov.