Member of the Committee of the Federation Council of Russia on international Affairs Sergei Tsekov commented on threats from U.S. senators to impose sanctions against German town of Sassnitz for the support of construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.

In his opinion, “the American political elite embraced delusions of grandeur”, reports RT.

He said that us lawmakers strongly “exceed their duties and functions”, when send “these letters, which could be regarded as rude or obnoxious threat.”

Tsekov does not deny that “in Germany there are people that have a great fear will perceive such threats”, but I’m sure that “most of the German companies” such requirements “reject”.

He expressed confidence that “the pressure the US will not achieve my goal”. A member of the Federation Council said that the construction of the pipeline will complete, and Germany and other EU States to “get the big profit”.

Recall that us senators put forward a demand to the leadership of the German port under which the port authority should stop work to support the construction of “Nord stream – 2”.

The mayor of the city of Sassnitz Frank Kracht said that the tightening of us sanctions against the “Nord stream – 2” violates international law.

Member of the Bundestag Committee on foreign Affairs Waldemar Gerdt stated that U.S. senators are required to give “an adequate response to the arrogance.”