This house for the ship and its crew will become the base of the Northern fleet in the garrison Gadzhievo on the Kola Peninsula. There already is a service head, the first in the line of “Bareev” submarine “Yury Dolgoruky”. The following two built under the same project 955 “Borey”, passed the exams in the Northern fleet and went to serve in the Pacific. “Vladimir Monomakh” and “Alexander Nevsky” joined the submarine forces of the Pacific fleet, and the families of the sailors moved to a new apartment in the town of Vilyuchinsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

“Prince Vladimir” – the fourth time the bookmark is also considered to be the head, though belongs to the same series of strategic submarines of the fourth generation. But he “Northwind” with the letter “A” – was founded and built not just by the modernized and completely renovated project.

These changes are what a lot of time writing, and visible from the outside. The “Prince Vladimir” in contrast to the first three fellows there is no elevation of the housing at the location of missile silos, just outside the pilot room. However, it is not because Moscow Institute of thermal technology was able to quickly reduce (adjust) the vertical dimensions of the missile “Bulava”, which adopted these submarines. If so, congratulate you and Mita designers, and constructors of St. Petersburg “ruby”. But alas, it does not always work. To “fit” sixteen vertical shafts ICBM “Bulava” (the height of the missile is 12.1 m) and create a characteristic “hump” over the solid hull of a submarine, I had to increase the inner diameter of the submarine in the missile area and the adjacent compartments. Therefore, the dimensions and the total displacement of “Prince Vladimir” much more than the “Yury Dolgoruky”. But the case is completely streamlined, giving the advantage in speed and reduces underwater noise.

And, of course, gives more freedom to designers when placing weapons, ship systems, and the creation of living conditions for the crew. The evaluation of those who built and donated the first “Borei”, and now went to the test of “Prince Vladimir”, it’s more fun to serve.

Today it is no secret that the body “Yuri Dolgoruky”, “Vladimir Monomakh” and “Alexander Nevsky” was formed from those projects (finished sections and compartments) that were cooked on the “Sevmash” under the nuclear submarines of the third generation. It went from a sharp decline in early 90-s of the state defense order, lack of money and problems with the supply of metal needed assortments. The designers had to make a forced decision, and literally squeeze new equipment, new engineering and technical solutions in close volume and the specified dimensions.

the contract for the design of submarines “Borey A” United shipbuilding Corporation signed with “Rubin” in 2009, but before that the design Bureau was conducted prirabotki��, that is, Intel – without a rigid binding to the diameters of third-generation nuclear submarine.

Set of weapons and features of the control systems on “Prince Vladimir” in the newspaper will not discuss – let it remain the domain of specialists. But in another they refer. “For reviews of the crew, the cruiser “Prince Vladimir” has not only improved combat characteristics, but also excellent indicators of habitability, ergonomics and comfort for the personnel,” said commander of the Northern fleet Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseev.

1 June, commander of the Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov approved the act of acceptance of the new ship. The signatures under the document have put the Chairman of the Commission of a state quality control of the ships main command of the Navy of Russia Alexey Potekin, General Director of “Sevmash” Mikhail Budnichenko, General designer of the Rubin design Bureau Sergei Sukhanov and the commander of the ship captain I rank Vladislav Druzhin.

the signing of the acceptance certificate was preceded by a control-sea. The crew and commissioning team tested the ship and its key systems to eliminate the last comments. Now, when the act of transfer of the ship signed and approved, to take place the solemn ceremony of St. Andrew’s flag. After his rise submarine K-549 “Prince Vladimir” will go from the White sea in the Barents, to the place of service. And already there are testing foreign exchange problems to enter in the composition of the forces of permanent readiness.