In the failure of the Italian accused of children and Fortnite

Closing on quarantine schools in Italy gave rise to another, in addition to the epidemic of the coronavirus, a national issue — an overload of data networks. Users this week began to complain of the problem. Students blame them: they are bored, play all day online games.

According to Telecom Italia, quoted by Bloomberg, over the past two weeks, the volume of Internet traffic in the country grew by more than two-thirds. A significant part of this increase is explained by activity in online games, such as Fortnite or Call of Duty. Perhaps your contribution and the action, recently announced the world’s largest porn site.

In the telecommunications companies are afraid that access to the popular game of the next major updates to several tens of gigabytes could cause a collapse in transmission networks, when it starts to download it at about the same time.

On measures to increase network bandwidth in case the majority of the citizens have to stay at home, reported in the British Vodafone. In addition to gaming traffic is growing, and transfer video: bored in the quarantine people have more to watch Netflix and YouTube.

the Operator of one of the world’s largest Intercontinental data networks, Telia, the Swedish Carrier, reported an increase in global traffic in February by 2.7%, but in March, expects more significant growth. According to the Vice-President of the company Matthias Fridstrom, all the leading market players teleconferencing has requested an increase in bandwidth in the last few days. Some are preparing for a fivefold increase of traffic due to the possible cancellation of flights.

Text: To.Hi-tech