In the pavilion “Electronics and communication” of ENEA (formerly “the Volga region”) on the drawings of the last century will restore a unique dome with a wooden frame, Deputy mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov.

“the Pavilion No. 15, the former “Volga”, the experts return to its historical appearance, – said Pyotr Biryukov. – The project will be restored the main decoration of the pavilion – a huge dome of the Central hall, which is dedicated to Stalingrad, now Volgograd region”.

the Deputy Mayor said that the dome is a hemisphere, the frame is made of wood and covered with metal. It is attached to a variety of artistic elements from cast aluminium and processed in a special technique that gives them the appearance of old bronze. Nearly all survived decorative elements, except for the 16 stars of glass with an aluminum frame, the wooden frame is in poor condition. Biryukov stressed that the dome will be restored according to archival drawings and photographs 1952-1954 years.

“Decorative elements in parts carefully removed and transferred to the restoration workshop, where using a special composition of the aluminum parts are washed clean of dirt, – said the Deputy mayor. – Wooden frame will be repaired as part of the restorers will restore 65 glass elements of different shapes and sizes, will be recreated lost stars – they are made of a special glass of red. All the art elements after the necessary works will return to its original place, and the dome itself is equipped with illumination”.

to Complete the work plan in the first quarter of 2021.