business people groan, families are stressed, managers fear for the future of the company – and it happened: nothing. At least nothing from the point of view of those concerns, just a passionate desire to loosening of the rigid restrictions of the rights of freedom. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) made at today’s appearance in front of journalists is clear that not to expect a particular Exit scenario for the First is. Again and again their message: health comes first.

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friendliness, the negligence would be

The Federal government is trying to prop up the economy with all the power and huge bundles, who would come to “friendly” in terms of citizens ‘ requirements, anticipates, expects the type of kindness that would be from Merkel’s point of view, pure negligence.

your continuous Signal again today: Until Further notice, no loosening of the strict rules. And in all of this, it is not the lone Regent to the Chancellery, which decides the of Berlin alone, but the Federal government and the Länder want to stay in the same cycle, had promised the heads of government and chief of the interior last.

Merkel famous resubmission-sets

The Federal government is mulling, as it allows eventually, in stages, more of the public life. An App could make the Transition. But even to this Phase, whenever the starts – gave the Chancellor is just one of your typical Merkel-re-template-signals: “I say Wisely, that the health and safety at the Opening of the public life will always stand in the foreground, and that the question of how it is run, in any case, under the Heading ,We continue to live in the pandemic’.”

On such rates, the Chancellor experience in ongoing processes to talk (“I told you already …”). It’s a small early warnings that you come back later to critics countered: “don’t Complain, I told you so.” This must be regarded as an indication that, for example, the elderly and other vulnerable people will also be made after first loosening even longer under state protection.

Lessons huge problems

drag The Federal government wants to undergo the bitter experience of the last few weeks – the lack of protective clothing and the huge problems when trying to buy new – their Teachings. Germany should build up its own production for protective clothing. This Ministry is set up in the economy, a rod, said Merkel. The dependence of China and other countries is to be reduced, the coordination with European partners will be strengthened.

Speaking of Europe: Germany, it’ll only go well, “when it comes to Europe,” said Merkel with great emphasis. And that means? “More Europe.” It is not just a nice commitment, but also concrete assistance in order to money. The Chancellor relies not only on German economic stimulus programmes, but also on European.

comrades in suffering in hard times

So far, So Merkel’s small report on the situation of the Nation and the Union. She showed in her short appearance understanding for citizens, who suffered in beautiful weather the toughest conditions and restrictions on freedom. And a little bit of you campaigned also to have a sensitive view on the woman who has to make these unpleasant decisions: “do not Believe that it is easy for me,” said Merkel. Obviously she hopes that this is with the understanding mutual. The citizen suffers, Merkel suffers. Suffering comrades in hard times. A whole Statement in the FOCUS Online/Wochit Whole Statement in the