State Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet commented on, what can end to U.S. attempts to disrupt the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. Member of the Committee on energy believes that America can’t afford to dictate terms to Russia and EU countries.

The politician is sure that the United States must learn to resolve all issues at the negotiating table, and not to impose their interests on other countries.

“the US does not have the power to stop the construction of “Nord stream 2″. The pipeline will be completed, despite the opposition and sanctions. Former US influence on the European countries lost. The Americans attempted to prevent the construction will end in tears for them” — sums up the Deputy in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Russia has learned how to effectively counter the U.S. attempts to stop its development, adds the politician. And in the world of American dictates had already irretrievably passed.

“It is time for them to consider a new reality”, — said Sheremet.

Earlier reported that Russian politicians reacted negatively to the words of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, has threatened sanctions against the “Nord stream — 2”. He warned that companies involved in the construction of the pipeline will have to face “consequences.”