In the Donskoy University will teach you how to treat with animals

Animaloterapiya – new to the Russian ear the term. Such techniques have long been used in the West. And in Russia they have already proved their effectiveness. For example, good results are obtained by Dolphin. Noted that swimming with dolphins has a beneficial effect on the psyche, emotional and physical activity, for example, children with cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, mental retardation. Widely known is also a great help (therapy with horses).

New educational program developed jointly by the psychologists, biologists and veterinarians

it is Planned that during the lessons special attention will be given to programs with singing birds, and household cats. They say that communication with feathered helps to recover faster after surgery. The cat itself instinctively selects ill the place of man, and its purring calms the nervous system. By the way, according to our experiments seven-month-old baby instinctively smiles, touching a fluffy Bunny.

Photo: Elena Melikhova/WG don cardiologist talked about the prevention of heart disease

Its efficiency has been proved over and canistherapy. For example, in Astrakhan, a fully fledged member of the scientific and practical center of rehabilitation of children “Correction and development” is a Golden Retriever named Poem. The dog is working in conjunction with psychologist Julia Smagina, “hand in paw” with which they are already seventh year. Good furry four-legged therapist, the sight of which brings a smile, love and patients and employees of medical facilities.

Therapy with animals has already proved its efficiency. It does not replace traditional medical treatment, but is an excellent complement to it – sure at the center “Correction and development” Larissa Timashev.

to Obtain specialty animaltherapist it is possible to graduate in two years, to enrol on a competitive basis will be the holder of any diploma of higher education.

– the Main qualities for future master – the love for animals and interest in psychology, and, of course, the applicant will have to show their knowledge of the Russian language, biology and psychology, – said Dean of the faculty “Psychology, pedagogy and defectology” DGTU Irina Abakumova. – At the end of the graduate graduates will be able to work animaloterapiya, zoopsychology, psychologists.