As noted by the mayor Anatoly Elbow at a meeting in the Central district, area of 360 square meters for the future was presented to the municipality last year.

– With the new school year, children living in a remote district, it will be possible to visit clubs and sections close to home, – said the mayor.

Deputy Chairman of Committee on Affairs of youth of the Novosibirsk mayor’s office Alexey Aparin said that this year will be to complete the renovations and landscaping of the adjacent territory. The center will house facilities for sports activities, facilities for young families, the animation Studio, the staff of the labour troops of the Kalinin district. Members of club groups, projects and activities will be at least five thousand people.

– Youth centre “the Patriot” – the second Agency for the youth in the Kalininsky district. While there is only one such centre, it is located in Fadeeva street in the village of North – said Aparin.

Another significant institution for the residents of the 5th and 6th districts is the pool Afalina known for high sports results, it has trained seven masters of sports. His pupils, speaking at the country level, always get into the top three.

As noted by Anatoly Lokot, after reviewing the work of the pool in Novosibirsk very strong school swimmers. However, to develop Novosibirsk athletes does not the fact that the city’s only pool with a track length of 50 meters is “Neptune”, all other – 25-meter.

– We are trying to solve this problem: to work with the government of the Novosibirsk region the project of reconstruction of pool SKA. Reconstruction of the object, bringing it into line with all modern requirements will provide additional impetus for the development of swimming in Novosibirsk, – commented the head of the city.

Now in sports groups pool “Afalina” is 180 people – it’s the boys who undergo thorough training and participate in competitions. About 250 children attend classes in the pass, another 100 kids who are learning to swim in a small pool.