In the dining cars may prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages

“as a result of drinking alcohol in the dining cars last year there were more than 8 thousand offences against public order, and 10 of the offences against the person, – has told the General in interview to the newspaper “Gudok”. – While in some cases drinking alcohol in the dining cars has led to serious consequences for the victims. Even the drunk citizens often become targets of criminal attacks on the part of the attackers”.

Photo: iStock it Became known, in which regions sell the most alcohol

Police said that the tougher sanctions, and it clearly shows the practice in air transport, does not impact sufficiently on the crime situation. “The fines have increased, there was a black list, and the crews were given additional powers. But brawlers in flight do not become less”, – said the head of the transport police.

All the shenanigans and crimes, according to the General Sharaburova occur on the basis of alcohol consumption. “So the solution is to limit his free sales on transport and exclusion, tolerance to drive or fly intoxicated persons”, – he concluded.

According to traffic police, most crime (and, hence, “drinking”. – Approx. “RG”) are the trains plying on the route “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg”. This is due to a contingent of passengers – tourists and business people go there not with empty pockets. Therefore, the traffic police escorted many trains in this direction.

a proposal to the Ministry of transport on mandatory equipment of DVRs conductors in trains and flight attendants in aviation

There is a problematic train of regional significance in Eastern SIBIri and Transbaikalia. Found crime and the trains North, to Murmansk, Norilsk, Petrozavodsk. They go shift workers is a specific category of passengers who are traveling, usually with a lot of money.

Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev/ RIA Novosti Rules of sale of alcohol near schools will be changed

Special attention is also given to areas in which foreigners travel. Besides trains “Moscow – St.-Petersburg” it is, in particular, the route “Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod”.

Another measure to prevent crime in trains can become equip all conductors with DVRs. “We just recently submitted a proposal to the Ministry of transport on mandatory equipment of DVRs conductors in trains and flight attendants in the aviation industry,” – said General Sharabarov.

According to him, employees of the transport police and cashier in suburban electric trains are already on the uniforms personalnye DVRs. “Even the most unruly passengers, when they see the camera, I try to keep quiet,” explained the objective of the proposal the police.


To the editor “RG” asked readers who complained about the lack of restaurant cars in the trains. In the “Federal passenger company” (FPC, a subsidiary of Russian Railways) “RG” reported that Russian Railways is currently optimizing fleet of dining cars. In 2019 was the criteria for the inclusion of cars in the train. “According to these criteria, the dining cars run in the most popular among passengers trains: corporate, international, double-Decker trains, day trains, as well as in children’s trains”, – noted in FPC.

to Cancel the wagon-restaurants in the compositions of the trains are planned. Just now the trains FPC operates nearly 600 restaurant cars, said the company.

Prepared by Evgeny Chain