In the Czech Republic praised Russias response to the demolition of the monument to Konev

The leadership of the district Prague 6 have used the regime of emergency because of pandemic coronavirus to no fanfare to dismantle the monument to Konev. Assessed the situation as the former Minister for intelligence services and former Ambassador of Czechia in Moscow Yaroslav Bashta.

According to him, the municipal authorities “behaved like a teenager”. The diplomat told RIA Novosti.

these actions of the authorities of the district Prague 6, reacted negatively only the President of the Republic Milos Zeman. And the government said nothing. Apparently, Ministers do not realize one important point: conveying foreign policy in the hands of the municipal authorities, they thereby pose a threat to the sovereignty of the Czech Republic from the inside — said Basta.

As for the reaction of Russia in connection with the dismantling of the monument, according to him, as a patriot and historian, he understands Moscow’s actions, but to approve them as a citizen of the Czech Republic can not.

Earlier reported that the Czech foreign Ministry has responded to the initiation by Russia of the criminal case about demolition of the monument to Konev in Prague. Diplomats hope that the municipal authorities will take good care of the monument. The Ministry in this regard issued a statement which said that the Czech Republic “honor the memory” of the red army who died for the liberation of the country from the Nazis.