In the Crimea he said the Pompeo about the

U.S. Secretary of state expressed common sense when he recognized the Russian Crimea. So in the region commented on the situation at a closed meeting in Kiev.

According to media reports, Mike Pompeo made clear his opinion on the matter. Kiev gave the region, and Russia is not a country, which is something you can pick up, he said. According to the Ukrainian edition of “New time”, the us diplomat said: all the world’s players understand that Crimea is lost.

A vibrant and free civil society is critical to a thriving democracy. Great to hear from #Ukraine’s civil society and business leaders about the country’s reform agenda and ways we can collaborate to improve the investment climate and increase prosperity for both our nations.

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) January 31, 2020

On the Peninsula believe that now it is small: Washington remains to recognize the status of the Russian region de jure, the TV channel “Russia 24”.