the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said about the cancellation of June 15, mandatory space in the Observatory, all visitors to the territory of RK residents of other regions. Also cancelled a mode of isolation for people aged over 65 years and with chronic diseases.

– In this case temperature measurement, inspection to identify external signs of SARS will continue to be at the airport, at the railway station, on the Crimean bridge – said the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

At the same time entering Crimea from abroad, including Ukraine, are still waiting for a Observatory.

– the Number of beds in Observatory we do not reduce, and in full will keep all the measures of support of health workers, which the President said, – said Aksenov. – The disease is still with us, and we must be vigilant and cautious towards their health, especially older people.

However, from 15 June of the government back to the citizens of privileged categories entitled to travel on public transport.

Recall from the 15 of June on the Peninsula to begin the first phase of the start of the holiday season. Enterprises of sanatorium-resort sphere will take on rest of the citizens who have registration by place of residence in Kazakhstan or Sebastopol. If the epidemiological situation will allow, from 1 July, after a two-week incubation period of the coronavirus, Crimean hotels and resorts will open for tourists from other regions of the Russian Federation. Air and rail carriers are awaiting confirmation of this date to open the sale of tickets for planes and trains southbound.