In the Crimea, explained the refusal of Prime Minister of Ukraine on the supply of water to the region

the Actual failure of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smagala words about readiness to resume water supply to Crimea is a traditional policy of independent Ukraine situation. Comments about this “RG” said the Senator from Crimea Sergey Tsekov.

Photo: Ilya Izotov/ WG Reservoirs of the Crimea was replenished per month to 15 million cubic meters

– now, from the lips of Ukrainian politicians, President Vladimir Zelensky (to remember at least some of his campaign promises) sound judgment, – said the member of the Federation Council. – Then they have the powerful pressure of the Ukrainian nationalists in the country’s leadership, and just as soon disavow the policy of their statements, because, as it turns out, depend on those of the nationalists.

the conviction of the Senator, this situation is standard for independent Ukraine, and has deep roots.

– All of its presidents in addition to Viktor Yushchenko sensible things said during election campaigns, they are elected by the people of Ukraine, – he reminded. – After the election they started to serve the nationalist elite of the Ukrainian community, mostly immigrants from Western Ukraine, and as a result abandon their campaign promises.

Vice-speaker of the state Council of Crimea Vladimir Bobkov in comments to RIA Novosti noted that the issue of supply of water to the Peninsula – is the subject of international agreements between Ukraine and Russia.

– While to say that there has been a breakthrough, it is not necessary, – he stressed. While Bobkov was recognized that even three or four years ago, it was difficult to imagine that the “actually someone hinted on the supply of water-level officials of Ukraine”.

Photo: Pavlicek Alex/TASS In Crimea responded to the refusal are Happy to supply water to the Peninsula

Earlier in the TV channel “1+1” Smigel said that the Ukrainian side should supply water to Crimea because it is “humanitarian responsibility” in front of the Crimean people.

However, later on his page on Facebook said that his state has no “technical possibility” to supply water to Crimea to “return the Peninsula to Ukraine”.

– For technical reasons, to divide the water, which will go to the people and the water that goes to military bases cannot, he explained.