In the Crimea decreased the price of the stay

As explained in minkurortov Republic, now the rest fell at the early stage of booking, when most hotels offer discounts up to 20 percent, and with regular events for the whole family, children and buying tickets for a long time.

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– In the may holidays much cheaper stay in hotels of category “five stars”, which is on the Peninsula just a 10 – 31.8 percent – said the Agency. Hotels of level three-four stars have left the prices the same as last year, and small hotels have reduced the cost of staying within five percent. What is interesting, most notably the placement fell on the most desirable tourist southern coast of Crimea – an increase of 13.8%. Average cost of stay is 2650 rubles per person per day, including in a standard room, four meals and basic treatment.

as for the high holiday season, the rest of the Peninsula fell by six percent, including 5-star hotels and 10 percent, and small – 13. The average summer vacation will cost 3226 rubles per person per day, including in a standard room, four meals and basic treatment.

the Chairman of the Association of small hotels of Crimea Natalia Parkhomenko-Stambolieva, commenting on the statistics Minkurortov, said “RG” that the global decline in prices for may and summer holiday is not, but the average cost is now really lower than in 2019 because of the early booking offers.

In the may holidays much cheaper stay in hotels of category “five stars” for 31.8 percent

– There are all sorts of promotions for the may holidays and for promotion of hotels in anticipation of the high holiday season, noted NAtala Parkhomenko-Stambolieva. For example, some hotels run promotions early booking and 100% payment of vouchers within 60 days, you can save 15-20 percent. In General it should be noted that small accommodation facilities not increase the price of their services from 2018, but when compared to 2017, rest more than five to seven percent.

a Substantial discount is now offered to clients and major hotels.

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– We support the policy of reduction of prices by special offers for our guests – told “RG” the General Manager of the largest on the Peninsula five star hotel Mriya Resort Samvel Sarukhanyan. – We have a number of special offers for early booking and for families with children, making a reservation means significant privilege in price. But overall, compared to last year, the sharp decline in prices there, as we continue to expand the range of entertainment for the guests already has a Japanese garden and theme Park “Grinvud”, will soon open for walking “Wine Park”.

If you compare the price of the rest of the Peninsula with other resort regions of the Russian Federation, in may 2020 it is cheaper by 18 percent and the 13 percent.

good pricing and continuous service improvement – the key to a successful season in the Crimea, – said the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vadim Volchenko. – Better logistics, cleanliness, safety and livability of the resort areas – the main areas of work for businesses, municipal and national authorities.