Republic of Crimea will buy 25 thousand new rapid tests for coronavirus, which will reduce the risk of infection COVID-19 after the start of the tourist season. The head of the RK Sergey Aksenov said at a meeting of the operational headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection.

Yesterday had talks with the producers of new tests for coronavirus, – said Aksenov. – Rospotrebnadzor and the health Ministry have confirmed their effectiveness. 15 minutes after taking blood from a finger – and the result is ready. Tomorrow we will conclude an agreement with the supplier.

according to Aksenov, the purchase of such rapid tests will allow you to calculate a new real model for the possible resumption of tourism activities in Crimea.

– From the Federal tourism Agency, we received new requirements for sanatorium-resort complexes. Believe that they are not feasible in the current situation. Given the fact that we have today, such tests appear, this allows you to quickly identify cases and separate them from healthy people. It is necessary to calculate the model of the organization the holiday season with these new features.

by the Way, in the first paragraph of the new recommendations of the CPS refers to the testing of potential tourists for two days prior to the departure date at the resort, as well as on the mandatory certificate of no probable contact with patients within 14 days prior to travel.

Earlier, the head of the Crimea said that the decision on the timing of the start of the tourist season and the format of the resorts will be taken on 25-26 may after the analysis of the current epidemiological situation. Neighboring Crimea Krasnodar territory have decided to open a sanatorium with medical licenses from June 1.