In the Crimea a man burned by the sister with the child and committed suicide the media are writing

MOSCOW, April 26/ Radio Sputnik. Man set fire to house with his sister and her child, then killed himself, according to the portal “Region Online” with reference to an informed source.

According to the newspaper, the incident happened on the night of 25 April in the village of Razdolnoe in the Republic of Crimea. The man had a quarrel with my sister because of disagreements about the ownership of the private home. After that, he waited until everyone was asleep, out on the street mother, poured into the house gasoline and set him on fire.

Outside, the man propped the front door. In the house were the sister of the attacker, and her two year old child and husband.

the woman’s Husband tried to get out through the window, but was hit on the head with a claw hammer.

the fire woman and child died, the house the man was able to survive. Pyro ran to the local construction site, where he committed suicide.

In late February, radio Sputnik reported that the inhabitant of Lipetsk killed himself after trying to kill the family of a judge.

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