In the course of Ukraine is not affected by: Zelensky changed Bogdan on Ermak

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has sent in resignation the head of his office Andrey Bogdan. The reason was the conflict of the latter with the assistant to the President Andrey Ermak. It is the Ermak and occupied the vacant post.

In the office Zelensky say that the management change will not affect the course of the country, reports channel “Russia 24”. In my previous position Ermak worked in international relations, in particular, in the Donbass, said Ekaterina Mironova.

this time Andrei Bogdan really has asked to leave. For the position of head of the office of the Ukrainian President has appointed his rival, the assistant of the Ukrainian President Andrey Ermak. The relevant decrees have already been signed. Specific reasons Vladimir Zelensky did not mention, but in a recent interview hinted.

“There is a conflict. They interfere with my work. I am always against such conflicts, because they have no winners and no draws. Unfortunately, we lose or time, or lose people,” — said the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Talking about the mutual enmity between Andrei Bogdan and Andrei Yermak went for a few weeks. The February issue of one of the Ukrainian magazines devoted to the confrontation between the two politicians. However, direct questions were both answered with feigned perplexity.

“we Have no competition, I came with the President in command. I take my orders from the President. This is correct, I have with all team members in a respectful relationship,” said the new head of the presidential office Andrey Ermak.

They lived peacefully until Andrew Bogdan to deal with domestic issues, and Andrey Ermak foreign policy. But the aide went on the field of play the head of the office: he was interested in the appointment of governors and the situation with the Kiev authorities. Here and there was open competition in which Bogdan seem to have lost.

“Bogdan no longer need a President. Bogdan was initially the most competent person in his environment. He built vertical and horizontal power Zelensky, however, he was critical of this increased vertical and impact at all on the government, — said the analyst Ruslan Bortnik. — This led to numerous conflicts in the team.”

the New head of the office, like its predecessor, the lawyer. But not only that. Moreover, he is a film producer. According to Ukrainian journalists, Andrey Ermak and Vladimir Zelensky friends for 10 years.

as President, Vladimir Zelensky invited an old friend to be his assistant. Ermak was responsible for organizing the meeting in the Normandy format Ukrainian side, were engaged in the process of exchange between Russia and Ukraine, participated in the negotiations with Moscow and Washington.

“He is a man, not flashy, behaves with dignity characterizes his journalist Andrei Palchevsky. — He has connections with those who drew Bogdan into enemies of the state. We need people who will find ways to hold Ukraine on the path between the tectonic plates of political systems – Russia and the West.”

However, Andrey Bogdan should not be written off, experts say. The story of a failed resignation of the Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk showed that Vladimir Zelensky is not a supporter to leave with trusted people. Bogdan tipped the Vice Prime Minister or head of the Supreme Rada of justice.