In the conflict of Russia with the Czech Republic there was an unexpected twist

The Czech foreign Ministry is ready to negotiate the relocation of the monument to Marshal Ivan Konev in Russia. This is with reference to the head of the Czech foreign Minister Tomas Petricek RIA Novosti reported.


I wrote “the Rambler”, in the autumn of 2019, the authorities of the district Prague 6 decided to dismantle the monument to Konev and his transfer to the Museum. The decision was implemented. On April 9 the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu asked the Minister of defence of the Czech Republic Lubomir Menara to transfer the monument to Russia.

“From the position of the foreign Ministry it is important to fulfill our obligations arising from our agreement with Russia, which does not mention where the monument should be placed, but provides decent treatment and protection from damage,” – said Petricek in an interview with the Prague newspaper Hospodářské noviny.

He stressed that the foreign Ministry is open to negotiation, if one of the ways of fulfilling the commitments of the Czech Republic will be moving the monument to Russia.

“the Czech Republic is a country that abides by international treaties. Yes, relations with Russia at the moment can not be called “blooming”, but this does not mean that we should violate the order that was signed in 1993″, stressed the diplomat.