Residents of the Moscow district of Krylatskoe complained about the mass death of pigeons. The incident was reported by the TV channel “Moscow 24”.

Muscovites said that the day before on the territory of the nearest parkland found fifty dead birds. “They are dying a slow death. We even saw one pigeon that tried to fly, his wing gave way, he fell, slowly beginning to drop his head, and he died,” he described the incident resident of the area. Another shared that she saw the elderly woman who first poured on the grass the food for the pigeons, then came with a bag, gathered the corpses and took them.

According to the Muscovites, were to disappear and the red birds, street cats and dogs. People assume that someone is spreading poison in the territory, the animals eat it and die. Similar situation with the death of pigeons, correspondent channel, is observed near the metro Krylatskaya and Youth.

After reports of residents about the incident, to the place of mass death in Krylatskoe left the police and representatives of the district Council. They recorded some suspicious stuff, but not on the place where pigeons usually feed and feeders for birds. Samples sent for examination, and the facilities dismantled to replace them.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow people began to notice the giant orange slugs. Residents of the regions warned that they are dangerous, as they can harm the meadows, orchards and gardens.