In the Chinese city of Wuhan have shut down a temporary hospital Lacanian

MOSCOW, April 15 – the Project “Russia-China: Main”. Due to the weakening of the epidemic, a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), on Wednesday a temporary hospital “Lacanian” in Wuhan city, Hubei province (Central China) has ceased operations.

the Hospital was built in 10 days for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. The last group of patients Tuesday were transferred to local hospitals.

the Representative of the State Committee for health Jiao Ahua said the hospital closing is a significant event for Wuhan, it indicates that the cure of cases of coronavirus pneumonia was back to normal.

She noted that this is a temporary medical facility was built at a time when the city was an acute shortage of medical resources.

According to her, the hospital “Lacanian” played an important role in helping the city, it opened for a short time, the possibility of a medical appointment has increased significantly.

Jiao of Ahua reported that the schedule of dismantling the hospital “Lacanian” not yet formulated, her work may be resumed at any time, as the city remains under intensive anti-epidemic work.