In the home match 36-th round of the championship of Spain on football “real” beat “Granada” 2:1 in favor of the club of Madrid.

“Already on 10-th minute of the match the first goal in the opponent’s goal sent Ferlan Mendy from real Madrid, and on the 16th another goal added Karim Benzema, who this season scored 19 times. The home team played only one goal thanks exactly Darwin Macys,” writes RIA Novosti.

the New victory allowed real Madrid to four points around Barcelona, which occupies the second place in the standings with 79 points. In the coming Thursday, July 16, at club of Madrid Nova game with Villarreal. If the “real” will be in the meeting stronger, you will be able to draw and the League title. Last games Granada occupies 10 place in the standings, the team 50 points.